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About Mak Kee

Mak Kee Company has been established in Hong Kong since 1957. In the past 50 years, we have evolved ourselves from a ship supplier into a leading lifting and rigging products distributor and manufacturer in Hong Kong.

Mak Kee produces and distributes a wide variety of lifting and rigging related products and accessories including steel wire ropes, steel wire rope slings, lifting chains, webbing slings, synthetic fiber rope slings, mooring equipment and industrial safety products, etc. Because of Mak Kee’s good reputation, Mak Kee becomes trustworthy first class agent and dealer for distributing many worldwide famous brands products. Mak Kee's inventory is completed with thousands of tons of worlds' brand names wire ropes and accessories. With 5 decades' accumulated experience, Mak Kee is capable of providing valuable training and lifting solutions in a large variety of difficult lifting situations.

Service Items

Mak Kee provides comprehensive load testing services that comply with international standards. Compliant and experienced engineers ensure that all tests are performed in accordance with professional specifications. At present, Mak Kee has 5 sets of 500-ton tensile machines and other tonnage tensile machines for tensile testing. The tensile force ranges from 50 tons to 600 tons. During the test, the tensile data and graphs are viewed on the screen, and the test records are automatically printed.

Company Mission

Mak Kee always regards products safety as her first priority.
We have tension test benches and can provide load testing service to customers. Mak Kee also attaches great importance to product quality. Mak Kee has implemented ISO management system (ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001) to facilitate quality, environment, health and safety management.

In view of the increasingly stringent requirements of the market for the quality of steel wire ropes, in 2007 Mak Kee invested in the research and production of Mak Kee wire rope non-destructive testers to assist the traditional wire rope visual inspection methods to improve the reliability and accuracy of testing. In addition to the Hong Kong headquarters, Mak Kee has opened branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Macau in Mainland China to provide services to local and overseas customers. Mak Kee has several thousand-ton indenters and 100-ton tensile testers, which are deployed in Hong Kong headquarters and other branches to achieve high efficiency and on-time delivery. Mak Kee continues to expand its business scope, hoping to provide more customers with its quality services and products. In the days to come, Mak Kee will continue to provide customers with safe and high-quality products and services, keep pace with the times and meet customer needs.